Oakland Riots Reported After Trayvon Protests

Minutes after the verdict in the George zimmernam murder case was read ,rumors of riots almost immediately broke on the internet. Although most were found to be untrue , the city of Oakland California was the first to have a confirmed outburst of civil unrest. Witnesses in oakland quickly took to twitter and other social […]

Oakland Rapper Shady Nate releases Mob Marley 2

Shady Nate has done amazing things in little time. As a independent artist working with an indepedent powerhouse, Shady Nate and his label Livewire Records all have there own unique fan bases, and whats interesting about that is how there fan bases also collide with eachother. Shady Nate is also much different in the forms of his music. […]

Shmoplife Rappers Kool John and Rossi talk to kids at Young Uprising

In the Bay Area a positive message is hard to find, and finding rough lyrics not suitable for children is pretty rampant, but that is to be expected? But even if they don’t always spread the right message, it is nice to see them make a difference in local places like Youth Uprising in Oakland. […]