Channel KTVU News blames Livewire Records Rapper Shady Nate for raising Oakland Street Crime

Can you believe it? It hasn’t been the first time that an artist like Shady Nate has been blamed for the reasoning behind people using drugs. After all… isn’t music a gateway to expression?

Apparently expressing one self about the experimenting with a new drug can have its problems. As reported by Channel KTVU news, there has been a rise in Oakland street crime concerning the hype of the purple drink we all know as “Lean”, or “syzurp”.

As reported by KTVU news “A lot of people walking around sipping syrup, trying to be like the rappers in the videos,” said Oakland resident Brandon Robbins. The news continues with saying “Oakland rapper Shady Nate made a Youtube video for the song “Sip Sumthin” from a 2009 mixtape entitled The Bo-Fessional that celebrates the drug.


Amazing another well known rapper who has now joined the list of people who are blamed for its popularity, kinda like Lil Wayne or 2Chains, who more than often glorifies the use of Codiene syrup, and makes it a point to blame yet another well known rapper as the problem.

What do you think of all this? To read the story in full, click the story link below:

Codeine cough syrup fueling rash of Oakland street crime

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