Oakland Rapper Shady Nate releases Mob Marley 2

Shady Nate has done amazing things in little time. As a independent artist working with an indepedent powerhouse, Shady Nate and his label Livewire Records all have there own unique fan bases, and whats interesting about that is how there fan bases also collide with eachother. Shady Nate is also much different in the forms of his music.

I think what makes a lot of us Livewire fans is there unique voices on the mic. Shady Nate has has not only been rated one of the most talented on Livewire, but on the West Coast. So now rated one of the top selling albums on rapbay.com, Shady Nates “Mobb Marley 2”!

So buy the Livewire Records/Shady Nation second installment of Shady Nate’s “Mobb Marley” series, containing 16 #Blazin tracks, with guest appearances from Mistah FAB, A Plus Tha Kid, Yung Fe, Jus Digga, Marky Bo, and more!

Another bangin #ShadyNation release available now on iTunes!

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com