Shmoplife Rappers Kool John and Rossi talk to kids at Young Uprising

In the Bay Area a positive message is hard to find, and finding rough lyrics not suitable for children is pretty rampant, but that is to be expected? But even if they don’t always spread the right message, it is nice to see them make a difference in local places like Youth Uprising in Oakland.


Whats nice is seeing the newer generation of Bay Area Hip Hop rappers take notice to the younger generation. Whats inspiring is that at Youth Uprising in Oakland, they do all they can to help the Youth of Oakland, and many great artists in Oakland like Too Short, E40, and most notably Mistah Fab, to name a few have all been there to help out from time to time.


From the look at twitter today it looks like HBK and Shmoplife Rappers Kool John, and Rossi Sings are both in attendance to talk to the Youth today, make sure to follow these guys, who are both growing good role models, and both equally have some hot music!

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Ian Jackson
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