Kafani may be paralyzed after being shot during his filming of a diss video in Oakland

News is in that Kafani has been hit in the spine following his recent shooting, where he was hit 5 times, all during a video shoot, where he was filming his Philthy Rich diss video “Philthy you a verse lick”, which was even filmed in Philthy Rich’s neighborhood of Seminary, which is located in East Oakland. The diss song was aimed at Philthy Rich over the recently released Philthy Rich single “Swear To God”.

If you listen to “Swear to God”, its a song aimed at three rappers Kafani, Messy Marv, and DB Tha General. In the song, Philthy Rich goes no holds barred, and directly insults them on the track, and has caused a huge uproar in the Bay Area and west coast hip hop scene.

The hip hop scene in the Bay Area has seen beefs in the past, all which have led to violence. Many predicted something of this magnitude, but to see a popular rapper such as Kafani go down from the decisions he made has caused many people in the hip hop community to have opinions. The story has went public, and has been featured on every major news publication site in hip hop.

We are glad that Kafani is alive, but in that same token, this has been a real tragedy for the Bay Area, Kafani, his family, his management team, and the industry at large. Our prayers are with Kafani, and his family!

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com