Nena Kapone – Que Sera Sera

Nena Kapone starts of her 10 track new project with her album title track “Que Sera Sera”, and it has a Tupac-ish like vibe, and her intro track is filled with energy and redemption. Something immediately recognized with the intro track “Que Sera Sera”, is her knack of being a well versed artist. She displays […]

CryssyCola – Devil Eyes

San Francisco Rap Queen Cryssy Cola comes with a street eccentric new 9-track project titled “Devil Eyes”, and starts the album with a tribute to the late Young Slo-Be in “Shay Shay Flo”. Cryssy Cola shows her hand in “Left Right”, and her delivery and message commands respect with every bar that drops, till East […]

Lil Slugg – Kupid

Last year Lil Slugg dropped a classic Christmas album titled Lil Slugg “Stole Christmas”, and clearly Lil Slugg is in grind mode and wants to drop us some seasonal music. The South Hayward Rapper Lil Slugg comes fresh with his latest 12-track Valentines Day project, “Kupid”. In “Kupid”, Lil Slugg takes a break on making […]

Shill Macc – Retro Rock Up

NorCal Rapper and Fairfield, CA Goodfella Shill Macc comes with a 12 track parlay with his latest drop “Retro Rock Up”. The intro track sets pace for a west coast artist liker Shill Macc, a total G Funk piano roll that’s well produced anthem “Top Speed”.  On the track “Revenge is Promised”, he gets on […]

Hydrolic West – Stuck My Thumb In The Ground & Made The World Spin

Chin Chec Music CEO/Founder/Artist/Producer and newly released California Rapper Hydrolic West comes with a smooth 7 track project titled “Stuck My Thumb In The Ground & Made The World Spin”.  The 7-track EP is dope track to track and starts off with Educate Intro and talks about financial literacy and his current interests coming fresh […]

9paccc – Face Card

Vallejo, CA Artist 9paccc drops a strong new 10 track EP with his latest release “Face Card” which features an all star cast of characters like fellow Vallejo superstars DaBoii and Slimmy B. A superstar in the making, 9paccc is taking the initiative to be seen and heard and is bringing along many underground producers […]

Lil Blood – The Book of Dawa

Oakland Rapper Lil Blood made some waves with his latest single “Temper Tantrum”, and let off on industry rappers and even aimed at local music giant Ghazi screaming “Why The Fuck! Ghazi aint thrown me no check yet”, and even got a nod from the Empire founder, and clearly it worked! His new album “The […]

Splash Alca – Alcageddon

NYC Artist Splash Alca lets off 9 shots on his latest album “Alcageddon”, and by 9 shots we do mean 9 tracks of pure fire!! The lead track “Alcageddon” is a memoir and reflection of his come up, and has a soulful and melodic instrumental that reminds you of sunday service gospel. His delivery and […]

SKAR – 34th & Mayes

Sacramento, CA Rapper SKAR comes hard on a 15 track project titled “34th & Mayes”, and the Mozzy correspondent drops nothing fire lyrics. In the beginning of the album “Roll 10”, is nothing but bars and lyrical murder. In the next track “On One”, Skar goes on a road trip, and on this road trip […]

Chris Lockett – Never Die Alone Part 2: Survivor’s Guilt

We live in a time where peoples attention spans are short. Creating lengthy projects is a risk for any type of artist, however, Chris Lockett understood exactly what was needed to create a dope, successful album. His latest release, “Never Die Alone Part 2: Survivors Guilt” hosts 18 tracks collectively produced by IV, Don P, […]