Chris Lockett – Never Die Alone Part 2: Survivor’s Guilt

Never Die Alone Part 2: Survivors Guilt
Chris Lockett

We live in a time where peoples attention spans are short. Creating lengthy projects is a risk for any type of artist, however, Chris Lockett understood exactly what was needed to create a dope, successful album. His latest release, “Never Die Alone Part 2: Survivors Guilt” hosts 18 tracks collectively produced by IV, Don P, SB Shmack, Marlee B, Progression Music, Rob Lo, Nea D, Matth Beats, Aagee and Chrissy Chris. This East Oakland legend has restored my faith in hip hop music, thanks to his dope bars, storytelling style, his utilization of other dope artists, and the variety in production.

First, creating sequel projects can be difficult. Each project an artist puts out should exhibit growth. With an artist who’s been in the game for a while, plateauing creatively is a possibility. However, this is not the case with Chris Lockett. Compared to its predecessor, “Never Die Alone,” part 2 is just as dope, if not better.  Lockett’s storytelling style has a huge influence in the success of this album. He easily paints pictures with his words, using his lyricism and word play to draw his listeners in. This project is a mix of street knowledge and subliminal messages. One particular single, “All My Pain” perfectly sums up the entirety of the album. “I give you all my pain in these bars. I give you all my game in these bars. I get you high like caine with these bars. This is my life I came from these scars. This is my life I came from these scars.” In 18 tracks, Lockett illustrates his pain, losses, gains, and growth. His music is relatable and captivating thanks to the emotion that he easily relays through the mic.

Utilizing a variety of producers to create this album was a good look. Not only do we continue to see the versatility Lockett possesses, but we get so many different beats that make the album easy to listen to all the way through multiple times. Lockett uses old-school hip-hop beats, and beats fused with pop and rock in various tracks. There is a single for everyone on this album and we absolutely love all the vibes it gives. Recorded completely at All Bay Studios, the sound quality is unmatched. The engineering is perfect and the whole album is dope. We look forward to what else Lockett has in the vault. There is no doubt that Chris Lockett will continue to be an Oakland legend in this independent hip hop music industry.

Jen Kreidler
Staff Writer