Lil Blood – The Book of Dawa

The Book of Dawa
Lil Blood

Oakland Rapper Lil Blood made some waves with his latest single “Temper Tantrum”, and let off on industry rappers and even aimed at local music giant Ghazi screaming “Why The Fuck! Ghazi aint thrown me no check yet”, and even got a nod from the Empire founder, and clearly it worked!

His new album “The Book of Dawa” boasts 14 tracks of gas and was picked up by Empire!! Talk about manifestation!

Lil Blood is what rap dreams are made of, he came from the bottom of West Oakland, grabbed by J Stalin in the beginning of J Stalin’s rap reign, held it down as the underboss of Livewire Records, and then became founder of his own 3rd World Mob!! A true rose from that concrete jungle who keeps rising to the top and becoming greater with time.

He’s really much more than that, his stainless record as a rap veteran he’s highly regarded as one of the most respected artists in Oakland. Maybe the most respected. His interviews are on point, and all in all Lil Blood don’t disappoint his fans in his journey!

“The Book of Dawa” boasts an all star line up of current rising talent from artists like Kamaiyah, Peezy, EBK Jaybo, EBK Bckdoe, RunItUp Jaybo, Haiti Babii, Celly Ru, Edai 600, 3rd World Momo, Joseph Kay, Tay Dollas, Shady Nate, and many more.

Don’t miss a Lil Blood masterpiece!!! Make sure to stream “The Book of Dawa” on iTunes or Spotify. The album slaps through, and through.

Ian Jackson
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