Splash Alca – Alcageddon

Splash Alca

NYC Artist Splash Alca lets off 9 shots on his latest album “Alcageddon”, and by 9 shots we do mean 9 tracks of pure fire!!

The lead track “Alcageddon” is a memoir and reflection of his come up, and has a soulful and melodic instrumental that reminds you of sunday service gospel. His delivery and wordplay are sure felt from his reflection on coming up from two immigrant parents in the big apple!

The next track “On Everything”, the call came in and they want everything. The track is all about the hustle and Splash Alca paints a picture through hustle and sheer business, and Splash Alca shows us how to rap with a storyline.

Black Card is Splash Alca’s NYC player card, and lets it be known his status in his neighborhood is bulletproof. Splash Alca raps like we would expect from any NYC rapper who came from the birthplace of hip hop. Overall there is no track on “Alcageddon” that dissappoints.

He even enlists Oaklands own Mistah Fab on the track “The ERA WAY”, and on the track they talked about losses across the board and breaking generational curses. Don’t sleep on a dope artist with a dope message. This artist is the full package, and the album “Alcageddon” can be put on repeat!

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com