Philthy Rich and Rick Ross Music Video Coming Soon!

Rumor has it that Philthy Rich and Rick Ross are collabing on a new music video. More information will be released in the coming weeks, however it is exciting for Bay Area music heads to know that bay area local Philthy Rich has been making big moves on his new projects.

50 Cent claims that Diddy is gay

50 Cent rekindled the beef between him, Rick Ross, and Diddy on Sunday.  50 Cent posted an instragram collage of some pretty controversial pictures of Diddy and Steve Stoute (The CEO and founder of the brand development and marketing firm, Translation) as well as a picture of Diddy and Rick Ross.  The pictures and his […]

Rick Ross finally confronts his job as a correctional officer

Rick Ross sat down with DJ Khaled in front of Sway Calloway for an interview regarding his new project, Mastermind, Sway  also highlighted some controversial  lyrics off of Rozays’ new album. On the record, Ross touches on his past as correctional officer, something that he has denied in past interviews. On the track Rozay says, […]