Rick Ross finally confronts his job as a correctional officer

Rick Ross sat down with DJ Khaled in front of Sway Calloway for an interview regarding his new project, Mastermind, Sway  also highlighted some controversial  lyrics off of Rozays’ new album. On the record, Ross touches on his past as correctional officer, something that he has denied in past interviews.

On the track Rozay says,

“Feds tore apart the squad nigga, that’s why I had to play the part nigga.  That wasn’t me, it was a job nigga.  It gets deeper, that was just a start, nigga.”

After Sway asked Ross about these lyrics, Ross responded by saying, “That particular line most definitely referred to me being a C.O., and that being a job and just understanding the grind and the hustle and anything else I may have done. It’s just a job, it’s a hustle.” and then he went on to say, “I wouldn’t change nothing, cause to me it’s about who Rozay is, It’s about me.  Everywhere I go, when I step in the room, I put it down. People know it’s authentic right here, they know it’s real, so it was nothing that I was personally threatened with, I was just ready to move on. Let’s go get this money, let’s make this music.” he also added that he would take that job again or any job at that to feed his family.  Sway then agreed saying that any job is a good thing these days and if that is what you need to do to feed your family then that is respected.

C.O. comments are at 29 minutes through the video.

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