Diss tracks turn into real shots fired, Kafani in critical condition

Kafani was on his way to shoot a music video to his Philthy Rich diss song “Philthy You a Verse Lick”. On Seminary Avenue and Foothill Boulevard at about 11:35 pm last night, Kafani was shot 5 times and is now in critical condition at an Oakland Hospital. Philthy started the beef with previous diss song featuring […]

The rap battle persists, Shots fired back at Philthy Rich

Philthy Rich dissed Oakland Rappers DB Tha General and Kafani, as well as SF Rapper Messy Marv on his new track “Swear To God” previously this last week.  Return diss tracks have been released and are included in the youtube track montage below.  Philthy Rich also has started a twitter discussion that you can see […]

Philthy Rich "Swear to God" [Diss Track] ft Kurt Diggler

Philthy Rich is hard at work after releasing NERNL (Not Enough Real Niggaz Left), and while touring with Livewire Records, as well as his own Tour. Apparently something has happened cause Philthy is feelin some type of way, and has dissed Oakland Rappers DB Tha General and Kafani, as well as SF Rapper Messy Marv […]

Did Philthy Rich pay 2Chainz 100k for a verse?!

Thats right, he said “your favorite rapper” pay 100k for a featured verse? Sounds wild, but believeable considering how many chart topping songs he has appeared on, how many awards he has received, based on one hot mixtape, one album, and a slew of work under the other stage name known as Tity Boi. One […]

Philthy Rich NERNL Volume Two Dropped Today @PhilthyRichFOD

Philthy Rich has been one of the hardest working artists to work from the ground up.Through watching his trials, tribulations, and triumphs, Philthy Rich has went from jail stints, and to even being shot, to becoming a West Coast staple!!               Philthy Rich has been hard at work and has […]