Diss tracks turn into real shots fired, Kafani in critical condition

Kafani was on his way to shoot a music video to his Philthy Rich diss song “Philthy You a Verse Lick”. On Seminary Avenue and Foothill Boulevard at about 11:35 pm last night, Kafani was shot 5 times and is now in critical condition at an Oakland Hospital. Philthy started the beef with previous diss song featuring Kurt Diggler “Swear To God” and twitter posts, check out the back round story here.  DB Tha General, Kafani, and Messy Marv made diss verses back and you can here the montage of verses in a previous article here.

The beef is real and Bay Area rappers aren’t messing around with this beef on some mainstream Kendrick Lamar beef hype.  They are bringing it to the streets and now there is some blood on people’s hands over the escalating beef.  The beef was sparking some hot verses and will be interesting to see if the beef will continue to be on a violence level or if it will stop here.

Hopefully Kafani can make it through this one, but he is not looking good.  He’s already gone through 2 surgeries and is holding on by a thread.  Philthy’s twitter posts regarding DB Tha General show that he got love for him but he better watch out too because he claims he’s never been shot at or jacked at the beginning off his diss verse towards Philthy.


Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com

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