Exclusive Interview with Zoe Tha Roasta addressing E Mozzy’s “Fuck The Bay” rant

#KEEP IT?: YOU SAID IT NO EDIT!! Following E-MOZZY’s the infamous, ” FUCK THE BAY! I AM THE BAY, THEY BEEN DIED!” rant. I sat down and chopped up this hot?button issue, and other Bay Politics, with the LEGENDARY RECORDING ARTIST, Zoe Tha Roasta. Let’s just say this interview got real interesting………. This is ALLBAYMUSIC #KEEPIT?!!!!!! […]

Young Gully’s Opinion on E-Mozzy’s “Fuck The Bay!” fiasco.

Rising star, Young Gully is one of the Bay Area’s  more cerebral lyricist’s. Hailing from Oakland, Young Gully is a force of motion, tirelessly working on all facets of the industry. All Bay Music couldn’t resist hearing his opinion on the aforementioned diss. Idk man. Shit be crazy. On 1 side all of Northern California […]

Oakland Factor Zoe Tha Roasta responds to E-Mozzy’s comment, “Fuck the Bay”

This is HIPHOP….. HIPHOP started from the rhythms & vibrations of the streets. Since the genesis of this art form there has been battle raps, that often derive from flash points in the streets. That said, although the Bay Area and Sacramento share a long, rich, and interconnected history, sometimes a competitive flame erupts. In […]

E-Mozzy disrespects the Bay Area by saying, “Fuck The Bay!”

Not a good look for Mozzy camp right now. After being on instagram live reacting to a fan online, E-Mozzy says “Fuck The Bay”, and since then a host of Bay Area Rappers and Industry insiders are upset and are chiming in. Click the IG Video Below to see the rant. OAKLAND FACTOR @zoetharoasta RESPONDS […]