Young Gully’s Opinion on E-Mozzy’s “Fuck The Bay!” fiasco.

Rising star, Young Gully is one of the Bay Area’s  more cerebral lyricist’s. Hailing from Oakland, Young Gully is a force of motion, tirelessly working on all facets of the industry. All Bay Music couldn’t resist hearing his opinion on the aforementioned diss.

Idk man. Shit be crazy. On 1 side all of Northern California need to be rocking together musically and business-wise (meaning our big name artists) to dominate and bring more revenue to our side. On the other side the bay be against the bay in so many ways that it’s almost good to see us all ride for one cause when we get disrespected. I wish we wouldn’t think so small tho and do that all the time when it comes to bigger problems and foes. As a WHOLE tho. We gotta get over these petty problems out here and get to the bag. We always look like we at the bottom of the totem pole to these other major REGIONS for this reason. And we let everybody else come here to get full off us (No hate just truth) and I don’t blame niggas for it. I aint saying we gotta be buddy buddy. But we gotta start thinking about clocking bigger revenue TOGETHER as a region. We a long way from them golden era days. That time made a lotta Nothern Cali artists rich. If it’s about progression everybody gotta put that pride down. Just thinking out loud. But fuck it don’t listen to Gully. New album coming soon.

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Young Gully, makes some valid points, especially when he states,”We let everybody come out here and eat off us (No hate just truth).” Also, there is always a need for solidarity in Northern Cali, so we gotta let the small sh!t drop, and the BIG SH!T POP!

At the same time, if you don’t stand your ground in your native lands, then your land won’t stand for you… I mean, there is just something special about saying, “Im from the Bay…..”

That said, I’ll step back the same way I came,

Forever Solid/Unbroken
-Written in Stone

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