Unknown Bay Area Songwriter closing in on 15 million YouTube views

Thomas Schoenberger , a Bay Area songwriter, is making YouTube history!!In January 2013, Thomas Schoenberger was a relatively unknown songwriter. His numerous compositions cluttered “every room in my house” says the composer. Unbeknownst to the public was the little known fact that Schoenberger has composed an astounding 9,000 plus pieces of original music. Compared to Corelli( 4500 pieces), Scarlotti( 5,000 pieces) and other now forgotten baroque era composers, Schoenberger has close to double the number of compositions.
The problem was , how does a musician seek a market in today’s gritty music industry. “Simple” says Schoenberger. I launched a YouTube Channel, incorporating visual mediums to enhance my songs”. The rest, is, as they say , history. Schoenberger has produced 55 video’s since January, and , judging by the enormous positive reaction to the songs, Schoenberger has suddenly become a name in songwriting circles. Robert Miller, Vice President of Archive.org says “Thomas’s google ratings have shown a tremendous spike”¬†Miller continues “Somehow, Schoenberger has created a brand new way for artists to launch, via YouTube”
It does not hurt that Schoenberger has been involved in composing music for super star artists like Lenny Williams.
Schoenberger’s recent launch of Brokenhearted.com has now been creating a buzz in the pop community due to it’s originality and melodic corpus.The newest version of the song is being launched exclusively on All Bay Music Magazine. Our guess is that Brokenhearted.com is going to hit people over the head with it’s originality.
Check it out below:
Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com

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