Ryno Burry – Remember ft Eyez 97

Well I go by “Ryno Burry” How I started rapping as an artist was by watching Rap battles as a little kid way back in elementary. I wanted to be a rap battler because I saw how dope it was and it inspired me to write but it didn’t go as planned because nobody was really down for it so I would write all my lyrics in a notebook and more notebooks up until high school. In elementary my brother gave me a CD player with a couple burnt songs on disk and I would listen to it literally all day and I would write the lyrics in a notebook so I can memorize it. Who inspired me to rap was Lil Wayne and Eminem. Their music was mostly the music I had on CD and got me to try this rap thing out because I loved rapping the lyrics out which I thought was dope. I would always record my lyrics on my phone because I didn’t have anything to record with because money was tight at the time up until i was given a mic as a present & used a old computer in the house to record and watched countless YouTube videos on how to mix and master my own music *which I’m still in the process of learning* I was a little insecure about shooting a music video but I told myself it’s going to happen sooner or later so I hit up a really dope videographer @Chris90s on IG and we set something up and now my first video is out Ft. Eyez97. Thank you for your time.

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com