OsamaBeenLeanin “Fucc Niggaz Talkin Bout”

831 native, “OsamaBeenLeanin” also known as “SideRaq Osama”, is a teenage Rap Artist out of Seaside California, a small city in Monterey County. Starting at the age of 8, he began writing rhymes here and there for fun as he had passion for music and looked up to artists such as 50 Cent, Nelly and Master P listening to their music as a child. Despite being born deaf in one ear and having speech problems since kindergarten, young rap artist “Osama” made his first unofficial song in the 6th grade. “SideRaq” took solo bus trips to his hometown Seaside from Greenfield and began networking with other rap artists there, though reaching out to many others he admired from his home and not receiving replies.
Upgrading his flow, he also went on to being signed to “Cash Out Records” with Bay Area Rap Artist, “Messy Marv” and wanted to change his name and image with more of his character, more creativity, more excitement yet comedic. The young rap artist began to call himself “OsamaBeenLeanin”. The name wasn’t used for the trend of this generation but something to describe himself as in a fun, positive, creative way”.
He has collaborated with Salinas Rapper “King Mill$” AKA Millie Guapo and included himself with Dirty Money 831.
OsamaBeenLeanin states that his goal for 2018 is, “I just want to be heard and leave y’all with something real or something to relate to before my time is up in this crazy game we call life. I represent the struggle with a passion. If I make it, we all make it”. Please follow him on IG @sideraq_osama

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com