Maniac “Like Me”

Maniac is from Seaside CA. Music is his way to escape the real world and it’s poetic therapy for him. His main focus as an artist is to rap about his life, the choices he has made and the things he does presently. He feels that everyone was put on this earth for a reason, and the reason for him is to be here is to help and motivate the youth to choose positive things other than gang banging. Living the life he did, he doesn’t wish it on the next person. So if you have a chance to get away from this negative lifestyle, do it and don’t look back. Its a “beautiful struggle” (quoting mozzy) once your out and can look back. It doesn’t feel as beautiful when your in the process of the struggle. His motto is to get money, remain humble and to never forget where you come from. He has collaborated with artists from Dallas and the Bay Area. He looks forward to collaborating with others.
Shout out to AllBayMusic for promoting a youngster with a vision. Much Love, stay humble!
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