Mac Persue #4theupgrade – Bankrolls

Riding through the city, Oakland artist Mac Persue #4theupgrade (@macpersue4theupgrade) delivers his newest visual “Bankrolls” presented exclusively by Half Pint Filmz (@halfpintfilmz). Opening up to a well lit alleyway plastered with colorful graffiti, the hustle is active as Mac Persue #4theupgrade and other associates are seen busy on the block. The visual team does a great job of panning angles and corners to create a larger space indoor and out. If you’ve seen the video, you know that this is an impressive feat for the enclosed sets utilizing creative borders and close range shots–but even more impressive is the underground cannabis expo that gets any stoner in his or her feelings. The pounds of weed and literal stacks of cash prove the song’s name “Bankrolls” was a proper choice. Throughout this visual I was contemplating ways I might could upgrade extra space like Mac, but I will most likely leave it to the professionals and continue to tune in to for the newest hits.


Ian Jackson
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