Jay Z and Justin Timberlake “Holy Grail” exclusive 24 hour music video

Jay Z and Justin Timberlake released the new music video to “Holy Grail” off his new album “Magna Carta/ Holy Grail”. Jay Z has been painting new rules for hip hop with this album and goes a step further with his choice to exclusively release this video on Facebook for 24 hours. Jay Z was seen meeting with Mark Zuckerberg earlier this week and we finally find out what they were plotting.

The exclusive release of the video through Facebook’s proprietary video player allows the artists to be more personal and to create a crowd of people that can share and spread the post like wild fire with a click of a button. The head of content partnerships, Nick Grudin, says, “What we’re doing with Jay Z today is really exciting and we think emblematic of the evolution fo music and how musicians can connect with their fans,”. Considering Jay Z and Timberlake have millions of followers on Facebook, the post has been a success after just hours.

The video was directed by Anthony

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Mandler and features Justin Timberlake and Jay Z laying down this legendary song. It is smart for Facebook to have Jay Z to promote their new music video abilities with this well done music video and popular song. Facebook is spread all over the world and gains these artists fans in places that other platforms don’t have access to. It will be interesting how it changes the way big artists release their music.

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com

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