Jake Zimma – Oh, San Francisco

San Francisco Native Musician Jake Zimma shows his artistic brilliance equalled with a obvious pride of his Northern California hometown. The song is a clear anthem for all the local San Franciscan’s in his latest single and visual, “Oh, San Francisco.” In the visual, he features his bandmates The Whoadies in the video, and start of the production and throughout the entire song you feel nothing but a mix of rehearsed talent, good songwriting, and a good feeling vibes that spark nothing but a good mood.

The music taste of Jake Zimma is incomparable to any modern day artist, which is a strong statement but also a nice feeling as a writer, cause as music evolves, musicians get motivated in presenting their art based on the popularity of different genres. With Jake Zimma, he shows in everything he does his need for staying true to himself, and not duplicating what you see out on the mainstream.

Oh, San Francisco, is not just a pride song for Northern California, it has potential to be among other feel good records that Californians livem by, a record for the people of the west coast to ride to, and to smoke to.

With that being said, we have Jake Zimma, another artist representing our region with the exact vibe and talent of a global artist, but with hometown roots.

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com

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