Izzy Dirty Money ft Phantom “On the Grind”

Izzy Dirty Money is from Salinas, CA. He was inspired to be an artist at a young age. He would watch and listen to his brother, Brownie, his cousin JD and Scrape record in his room. He knew at that moment, he wanted to be in the music industry.  In high school, he met an artist named Phantom. Phantom had him hop on a song with him and since then, his music life took off. Also, what keeps him inspired  and to continue working hard as an artist is due to the long talks he had with his cousin, Marcus, who has now past on. He feels he has to make it for Marcus and himself. Izzy Dirty Money has done collaborations with Holloman, Phantom, Eyes 97, Mattlantic, Young J, Osamabeenleanin and Hunchos. For more info about Izzy Dirty Money follow him on IG @Dirtymoney_Izzy

Ian Jackson
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