Gods Mob Peezy – On God

Modesto, CA Rapper/Producer Gods Mob Peezy (formerly known as Livin Proof Beats) is on a religious mission for god in his latest video “On God”, which features artist Bryann T.

In the track Gods Mob Peezy lays out a pathway for discussion on how local hip hop culture coins the term “On G-O-D” and how it’s a derogatory way of using gods name.

Gods Mob Peezy raps with conviction as he preaches his gospel, and let’s it be known he dedicates himself to god and spreading a positive message to the youth through music.

Gods Mob Peezy is a new artist in the Gospel Rap Community, and was a long standing member of the Bay Area Hip Hop scene working with several high profile artists from Livewire Records and beyond.

Since dedicating himself to Gospel Music, Gods Mob Peezy has created his own label and merchandise line called “Gods Mob”, and is currently shifting his focus to making music for the church and people who wanna listen to music that has a real, honest, and positive message.

Follow his journey by following him on Instagram @godsmobpeezy #godsmob #alllbaymusic

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com

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