Free From Gravity “The Long Road “

Inspired by classic rock acts like The Eagles, Pink Floyd & U2, the UK based formation Free From Gravity defies the latest fashion and short-lived music trends to create their timeless and everlasting sound. Free From Gravity is lead by Vince Barnes (Lead Vocals) and his personal agenda shows through the intimate and often heart-warming songs and lyrics.

For the recording of his album, he was joined by top notch musicians like Andy Mitchell singer and guitarist of 60s Supergroup The Yardbirds (with founding members such as Eric Clapton/Jimmy Paige/JeffBeck).

The current project – The Long Road, is creating awareness of alternative cancer treatments.Lead singer, Vince Barnes, wrote the song about his mum’s own battle and recovery from cancer

The Band`s original material has a range from classic rock anthems to moving ballads, always with a love for detail and sound. Their songs will catch you and leave you with a liberating sense of freedom from gravity

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