DLabrie “Stay Black and Die” ft M1 from Dead Prez

New video with Oakland Rapper/Activist D Labrie, who has been all over the world promoting Hip Hop along with his political ties to Hip Hop Congress, he has invested his time in many different non profit groups promoting his message. In this video he shares us all a message, the paragraph below was written by him and can be seen on the video page. Read below:

“This Video is the answer to the question, many have asked. What is it like to be Black in America. What is the connection within the African Diaspora? How do you explain the Black experience to those whose only exposure to Black Culture may be via biased media, the corporate agenda, non blacks or even worse, they may have no reference point whatsoever. We hope this Video can shed some light on why #BlackLivesMatter . This Visual that includes footage from several sources, directors, and camera people whom we credit is also a Tribute to a father, MC, activist, friend and dedicated Muslim, fallen Hip Hop Congress soldier “The Jacka” of The Mobfigaz who passed (Feb 2, 2015 ) before the completion of this Video. We hope it touches your spirit as he touched ours.”

RIP Shaheed Akbar aka Dominick Newton!! Mob in Peace!!

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com

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