DJ G.O.J “Made of Stone”

DJ G.O.J. Is a diverse upcoming Mexican-American artist born and raised in Salinas, CA. GOJ started writing in middle school but didn’t start recording & releasing music too summer of 2012. From shooting and putting together music videos for his friends (other local artists), to mixing and mastering his own music, GOJ is pretty talented. Using countless recording programs and beat making softwares from: common programs like Fruity Loops & GarageBand to much more difficult programs like Abelton Or Pro Tools. From his very first project “Lost Mind, Found Rhymes” (In 2014), Goj displays a very unorthodox flow and choice of words, along with out the blue metaphors. GOJs worth ethic is one not to be argued with, he plans to drop his first album “The Humble Hustler” on all music platforms very soon; recording countless amount of songs with professional engineer Keezie Keyz. He also has a plethora of new eps, mixtapes and collaborative projects on the way also including his new mixtape series “My Growth Mixtapes Vol. 1, 2 & III dropping very soon. GOJ is always working with countless locals as well as artists from: New York, Arizona Sacramento, Vallejo, Oakland, Modesto, Seaside, Marina & the list goes on. Expect some new rarities from DJ GOJ & his label & crew “Truuu Hustle Crew Entertainment” dropping soon!!!

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