Dave Byrd – No Silver Spoon

The bay got love for Sacramento natives like the young king Dave Byrd (@DaveByrdisFree) dropping fire on his newest project, “No Silver Spoon”. Currently based in the Seattle area, Dave Byrd flies high with the helicopters in this video drop of decks and docks to the rooftops. Shout out to Cleen Money Records for a state-to-state production and Timo Sheard for the vision, Dave keeps the torch lit with the superstar fit and the rockstar vibes. Making sure to shout out his Cali roots, I think it’s interesting to know more about his Atlanta upbringing to really understand where the established sound comes from. A great project that ends with artist Dave Byrd expressing his doubt for whose really riding with him. Hopefully after scoping the work, there’s one or two less ops for the mans. I’ll be tapping in and watching more, you should too!


Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com

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