Boo Banga releases “Drug Trade” Video with The Jacka and Blast Holiday

Boo Banga releases his debut video “Drug Trade” for his new project with DJ Smokeybear “Why So Serious?”, and its featuring Mob Figaz rapper The Jacka, and North Oakland Rapper Blast Holiday.

These three artists are the epitome of what a respected rapper in the streets is, as all of them have had there own acclaim as the next coming in there own time. In the video we understand why he called his mixtape “Why So Serious”, as the “prop gun” in the video seems as big as the rapper themselves in the video.

The mixtape is the latest effort by Boo Banga, which was orchestrated while his stay in Miami. He went to a DJ Smokeybear and Trick Daddy event, went and hanged out with the Poe Boy Music group music executives, and overall hit it off with Poe Boy DJ Smokeybear. Not only do they have this upcoming mixtape, but he is also in the works with Smokeybear on his upcoming album “The Turn Up Is Real”. Keep updated!

Ian Jackson
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