Blxst – Pressure

Los Angeles is a go to hot spot for upcoming artist all over the world. A home for great scenery and flourishing business, the City of Angels is also home to one rising star, the young hitmaker Blxst (@blxstofficial). The R&B/Hip Hop knight has been making statements through the industry and doesn’t slow the momentum with a December video drop of “Pressure”. 

Blxst showcases his position in this solo project “Pressure” by solidifying his lyrics with content as well as escalating the tone his content pushes. The video starts at a round table with a toast being proposed. At the same time, a plot theatrically unfolds. This could be really symbolic of the artist himself, possibly reflecting on the tough choices made to be at the top. Boss talk from a young hitmaker, he has much more on the way. You can’t box him in so stay up to date with All Bay Music and the “Overated” Multi-Hit Star, Blxst. 


Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of