Van Lee “Too Excited” ft. Ally Cocaine

Van Lee

All Bay Music Presents: Van Lee debut single “Too Excited” ft. Ally Cocaine

Evolving Oakland CA artist Van Lee releases his debut single “Too Excited” featuring Ally Cocaine, which is the first release of Van Lee’s career, and it has come with much praise. The Link+Up produced single was first performed at a Nef The Pharoah show, hosted by famed Bay Area promoter Jackson Ellis.

Since its release the responses from clubs, radio, and DJ’s has hit like a shockwave. Van Lee’s catchy hooks, and the way he delivers makes the song contagious. Ally Cocaine definitely represents for the females the way she slays in her wordplay in speaking on past relationships.

Overall Van Lee’s debut single “Too Excited” is pure fire, and will keep dance floors lit across the country.


Ian Jackson
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