The Team “Keep It On The Real” Remix

The Team

The Team members Clyde Carson, Kaz Kyzah, and Mayne Mannish team up to remix 3XKrazy famous Bay Area anthem “Keep it on the real”. The team is an Oakland rap group who famously dropped “its getting hot”, which was later remixed and had Oakland legend MC Hammer on the remix. They also had many radio singles and were a lead group looked at in the hyphy movement, the group was put on hold when Clyde Carson signed to Compton Rapper The Game’s Black Wallstreet Records.

After much touring with the Game, he has come back and made huge moves. He even brought the Team back and they have had the number one song of the year “Slow Down”, which was also remixed by Gucci Mane and E40.

Check out the remix to 3XKrazy’s “Keep it on the real”

Ian Jackson
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