The Luniz – Still ft. 4RAX (Prod. The Mekanix)

The Mekanix

The Mekanix released there new track off there album featuring “The Luniz” titled “Still” which addresses a decade long beef. Numskull and Yukmouth of the Luniz has seen their fair share of up’s and downs. In there up’s they sold close to 4 million records, and were grammy nominated and in there darkest hour it ended with them publicly confronting each other on diss songs starting with Yukmouth’s “I Don’t Miss My Dogs”, and it ended with Numskull’s diss track “R U 4 Real?”.

Seven years later a lot has happened. Numskull was just released from prison, and time has been favor for the platinum duo. A lot of there past disputes has been put behind them, and you can see a unity within the group that the public has not seen in quite a long time.

Recently LiveNation took interest in the group, and gave them billing in the two show tour “Krush Groove” featuring Ice T, Ice Cube, Dipset, Bone Thugs, and more.

In addition to that they also have a new single just launched by Bay Area Production Duo “The Mekanix” titled “Still” which features Mekanix member 4RAX on the hook!

In addition to the newest single they also have a project dropping 4/20 with The Mekanix titled “High Times”, which features B Real, Ras Kass, Dru Down, J Stalin, Mekanix, and more!

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