Rapper Drake New Meek Mill Diss Track| Charged Up


Drake comes back hard as ever after Meek Mill temper tantrum on Twitter. When Meek Mill sent for the rapper Drake earlier this week I was almost convinced that no response would be given. Only an hour ago today Drake let Meek Mill have it. Some people say its not a diss song, but from the lyrics I’m convinced otherwise.

Accused of not writing his own songs Drake addresses it all in this new record “Charged Up,” He even addressed the fact that Meek Mill has been accused of not even being the best rapper out of his relationship. Can we all Just be stuck for ten minutes?? We’ll take One half to listen to the song and the other half of the ten minutes gathering our thoughts from our Minds Just being blown.

Even after a solid apology, it wasn’t enough. Drake came back harder and sent back the diss Just as Bad as Meek did, but only Drake was more calm. “….. Come Live Out All Your Dreams Over At ovo.”

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com