Queen Atlantix – Back In Town (Exclusive Audio)

Queen Atlantix

Message from Queen Atlantix: This song is about being the girl men only call when they are in town, and being sick of all the dating game bullshit. It’s about saying yes to your life, your needs, and to being empowered and loved.

Queen Atlantix talks about her struggles and triumphs in her first ever released single “Back In Town”, produced by AvenueBeatz.

The track has a very soulful and sentimental break down, and her singing vocal ranges are impressive throughout the song, and she seems to know how to take the listener to where she was feeling at the moment she made the song.

The Bay Area has been a spotlight in the industry for having a slew of new talent and sounds, and Queen Atlantix has the kind of substance listeners are scouring the internet to find.

Newly discovered, Queen Atlantix brings a real life delivery to her soulful melodic drops, even adding clean production values by way of auto-tune, and every added sound of the production down to her singing adlibs, Queen Atlantix makes every element added seem necessary, yet seemingly delivered raw and uncut, and maybe without too much effort. Impressive for a new artist first release, all written by Queen Atlantix herself.

Hopefully we see a lot more from Queen Atlantix, for a first time drop, we can only sit and ponder whats next!


Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com