Noah Pine “Chicklet”

Noah Pine

Atlanta-born Noah Pine lives, breathes, creates, and performs music. Banging out Boogie Woogie and Michael Jackson in his mom’s Oldsmobile wagon at six; by eleven he was studying under the well known jazz heavyweight, Ted Howe, as his youngest student. He studied with Ted for the next 9 years.

By 14 Noah was already playing keys at the local blues BBQ – Fatt Matt’s or the Hammond B3 at the Northside Tavern or sneaking into Churchill Grounds to play piano jazz with the old school. He led a cool jazz trio playing fancy venues like Sambuca on those hot Atlanta nights. At 18 he left to tour, opening for bands like Maroon 5 and Gavin Degraw. He later moved to Los Angeles and took in and studied the “west coast sound”. He made it his own- weekly gigs in Beverly Hills with Harry Dean Stanton (“Big-Love/Repo Man”) or playing jazz for Ford Corporation’s Lee Iacocca in his Beverly Hills home. He played gigs in Venice Beach with his group “The Marsh.”

Now back in Atlanta, Georgia, Noah continues to make a name for himself as an excellent composer (60 songs in the last 18 months), session player in the studio, and singer- performer on stage with his own groups. His sounds are old school, but very rich and urban, and the vibes have even been described as “Michael Franks-meets-Beck” to Elton John, Joe Cocker, Van Morisson, Tom Waits, and Randy Newman. His songs are stories and inspired by current events, or whatever he is reading – Hemingway, James Michener. “Music should be uplifting-from the soul.” -says Noah.

Check out his new song “Chicklet”

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