Mobbin 101 – 2pm In Tulum

Mobbin 101

Check out EPA’s own Mobbin 101. He’s bringing that classic mob music back in 2021. Mobbin isn’t your average rapper.He’s an artist and is a label exec. He dropped his latest song single called “2pm in tulum”. The song “2pm in tulum” was created in between studios in Cali and Mexico. The song is definitely a summer banger. Imagine being a beach and you singing along to this song while you sipping champagne. Now, thats mob shit for sure. Mobbin 101 is also working on a project called Mobbin in Tulum. Check out some of his other releases “Mobbin 2.0” “Diamonds On My Neck” “Wrist” and other songs as well. These songs are all bangers. Other artist that he is currently working with on the next project include Shill Mac, Quan Flees and few other upcoming artist. The visuals are definitely coming soon. Check out this song!  Follow him on instagram @mobbinmosthated2 and his check out the music and support the movement!

MLiss Fullilove