Mistah Fab “Survive” feat. Kendrick Lamar, Crooked I & Kobe Honeycutt)

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Mistah F.A.B.‘s upcoming Son of A Pimp 2 album has a remarkable list of featured rappers and he pulls out his big guns on his latest single “Survive,” featuring Kendrick LamarCrooked I, Kobe Honeycutt, and renowned producers Tha Bizness. Premiered today by Rolling Stone, “Survive” boasts impressive lyricism by the three emcees, who convey strife against everyday struggles in poesy  eloquence on the track.


Mistah F.A.B. shares with Rolling Stone how the track came together: “I’ve known the whole TDE crew for years now, since around 2009. Jay Rock would bring his guys up to Oakland and I’d show him around The Town. We’d mob up and down the West Coast doing industry events, award shows, and core DJ retreats together. I reached out to Kendrick about a year ago like, ‘Yo Cousin, I need you on this record.’ He said it was no problem and got it to me the next day.


Kendrick is hella talented. I just love that the world is embracing him the way that he is. He was always a star, it just took a long time for the world to see it. Crooked I and have worked together for years too. He might be one of the top lyricists ever out the West Coast. It’s dope to see those two together, one from Dr Dre’s camp and one from Eminem’s camp. Those guys have never done a record together. To put that under one umbrella was a great feat. Kobe Honeycutt, he did the “Kush” record for Dre, he’s a Grammy winning singer-songwriter, also super talented. To me, he’s like the ghetto Michael Jackson.”\

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