Lenixx – Warning Signs


Lenixx was born a daughter of two revolutionary minded souls who’s broken bond created a unstable, dysfunctional path of life for this artistic lonely soul who eventually found joy in revealing her emotions in song. Lenixx writes and sings sometime soft, other times hard flowing melodies to deep intricate lyrics of life’s struggle, confusion and happiness. Having evolved in the underground world she is a broken hearted Vixen singing her heart out under the city lights. The next star to be found on the charts is Lenixx, starting with her Debut Single ‘Warning Signs’! Warning Signs is a song about how trying to save yourself from pain in love is the one of the hardest things to do, ‘Warning Signs’ exaults that moment of realization before the storm of discovery. Check it out!

The song was a co-production with Lenixx and producer George Quinn. Recorded in a basement in Las Vegas;-)

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