L Solo – Like Swish (Audio Premiere)

L Solo

Sacramento Hitmaker “L Solo” continues to ball on towards greatness in his latest single “Like Swish”. The single gives a total trap-vibe, and he has a growing fanbase of listeners that can enjoy yet another record to vibe to, that is both motivating, and fun.

When it comes to fun records, you can say this is a typical L Solo record. What’s not typical in todays music game is people making fun records. It TRULY separates L Solo from the pack of artists who continue to make rough music not friendly to clubs or radio.

L Solo’s reputation is growing steady upwards, as a listener you are starting to realise that if Sacramento’s “L Solo” made the record, its almost like you already know the record is fun, its motivating, it can go in the club, the gym, the office, its basically ready to break!

When artists often select beats you often imagine what type of content is to come, but with L Solo he only calculates his rhymes towards making a commercialized single that you can vibe to, and he is calculating in his ability to make uplifting songs.

“Like Swish” not only is uplifting, but it also represents a mentality in a artist who’s only focus is too succeed in every aspect in his life. L Solo fans stand up, he’s back with another onel!

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com