Infra Redd – Superstar ft Nathaniel the Great

Infra Redd - Superstar ft Nathaniel the Great

Compton-raised rapper, Infra Redd drops another contagious hip-hop banger. This time he teams up with singer “Nathaniel the Great” to once again sour beyond creative boundaries and horizons by infusing elements of R&B into his already hardcore-like delivery and compositional style.

Infra Redd is a unique artist and an embodiment of total musicianship and complete artistry, as he is more than just a rapper but a [hardcore] poet and musician. Heavy and groovy bass lines, scintillating soul piano vamps, high-pitched synth lead, and pads, fused with the melodic and soul touching tenor vocals of Nathaniel the Great marries Infra Redd’s infectious, hardcore, and elevating rap delivery style to deliver a rather unique musical statement in the song “Superstar.”

Lyrically and melodically, “Superstar” is all-embracing as it uses familiar but unique pop-style melodies and compositional form while Infra Redd boldly makes a lyrical statement reminding you he is a superstar. Of course, the delivery is nothing short of that of a true superstar. The overall production is top-notch, only adding color and character to the already color and character-filled style of the [Superstar] Infra Redd. The lyric is a combination of funny and serious as he makes rather funny but thought-provoking remarks in some lines. With Infra Redd, there is always no dull moment or lyrical/musical slack – the track “Superstar” is just another testament to that claim.

An all-encompassing track that can pass for R&B, pop, soul, and above all hip-hop; this is one song no one can ignore. “Superstar” is available on all streaming platforms across the world.

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of