Hitta Slim – Jackhammer (Produced by EJ On The Beat)

Hitta Slim
EJ on The Beat

Richmond, CA Rap Respectable Hitta Slim takes us on a new journey with his new EJ on The Beat viral produced dance single “Jackhammer”. No doubt our brother Laroo The Hard Hitta has truly transformed himself into the rap alias as “Hitta Slim”. At first as a fan I was a bit nervous with the name change, but I did have a belief system Hitta Slim would pan out, as some of my favorite music locally has come from the Richmond Native.

Once the first “Jackhammer” dance video dropped with Hitta Slim and SF Music Executive JO Exotics, the vision became clear that Hitta Slim was not a name change, but a morph into something bigger, and more thought out. The Jackhammer to me represents a dance that is for the hustlers truly breaking pavement. No matter if you are a hustler in the streets, a salesman on the ground floor, a new graduate from college, The Jackhammer is nothing more than a victory dance when your standing in the end zone.


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Hitta Slim has a journey to go with the record, but already we see people online hitting the Jackhammer, if you have a Tik Tok its time for 2021 to be the year of the Victory Dance, and let’s make that Jackhammer where its at Bay Area!!

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com