Future – Honest (Cover Art & Music Video)


Future released the cover art to his new album, Honest.  Future used a unique technique for releasing the cover art for Honest that might start a trend in new ways to release visual art for artists.  Future made a series of consecutive posts that were all pieces of his album art before releasing the album art as a whole as his profile picture.  The album art is simplistic and has a hefty black background, meaning three out of the nine posts were all black blocks.  This technique was an innovative marketing technique that creates a buzz around his album because fans were editing together the pieces themselves, trying to be the first to see the real cover art to his new album.


Future also released a new music video for his single, “Move That Dope”.  The song features Pusha T and Pharrell Williams, on a more uptempo track.  Pharrell steps into a new style on this track, rappin that dope rap.  Check it below.


Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of TheRapManager.com