Bay AJC- “Timeline”

Chriz Beatz

The Bay Area is full of hot rap artists, but when it comes to R&B, Bay AJC is one who has it on lock. This artist easily sets himself apart with an individual style that captivates his listeners. His single, “Timeline” depicts his talent and artistry.

“Timeline” is produced by Chriz Beatz and begins slow with a switch up of tempo on the hook. This song is not your typical break up song. It is actually a “glow up” vibe where the man has made better moves for himself after being cheated on. “Girl you said you wanted to be free but you gone and freed me girl.” On the hook, he continues to tell his ex not to worry about his timeline and what he’s got going on. There are subtle tones of pettiness but ultimately, this track is a celebration focused on his own elevation. The lyrics are inspiring to anyone who is going through a breakup and seriously working on themselves. Be sure to check out this single and follow Bay AJC at for more!

Jen Kreidler
Staff Writer