Audubon “Nothing Like Them”

The Mekanics

Jonathan Perez a.k.a Audubon was born in Washington Heights located in Northern Manhattan, New York City. He grew up listening to names such as Barry White, Anthony Santos, and Nirvana which helped develop his eclectic taste in music. Audubon began to head down the wrong path and his mom had enough when one of his friends was killed shortly after the 6th grade. That prompted his mother to move the family to South Florida.

As a young teenager he rebelled against his family and felt trapped in an environment that lacked that NY culture. He would visit every school break to not lose touch of Washington Heights. During lunch in high school, Audubon was introduced to battle rapping, which he used as an escape. He began to compose his own rhymes and learn song structure.

At the age of 18, Audubon moved back to New York City. He wanted to give himself a fresh start. He enrolled in college for the third time, taking courses in the recording arts. For economic reasons Audubon dropped out and taught himself how to produce music. Meeting old friends again which shared his same drive they started a group called “P.A.I.D” standing for Pursuing an Idea Dangerously. After releasing a project one of the members got incarcerated they decided to end the group. Audubon began to work on his own music, learn to produce and develop his sound. Audubon has also co-directed all of his videos as well. Working closely in every aspect of his artistry.

He went on to make three projects to date which can be found on all online stores. As well as co-creating a show about his friends coming up in his neighborhood of Washington Heights which was sold to MTV. He is currently working on his latest project slated for Summer of 2016 entitled “Exile..”


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