Abu Rahss “Bernie B*tch”

Abu Rahss

On April 18th, Abu Rahss of Forest Hills Tenleytown Music Group (FHTMG) released the highly anticipated Bernie B*tch in support of #Bernie2016.  Bernie B*tch is a hilarious new music video with campaign undertones, officially lending FHTMG’s support to 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The song was inspired by the positive, inspirational energy movement growing from the Sanders campaign. The music video for Bernie B*tch was shot in Philadelphia and Washington DC, and features a collection of FHTMG artists and affiliates.

FHTMG, www.FHTMG.com is an independent record label based out of Washington, D.C. and  is among the most subversive record labels in the world.  FHTMG is a collective of Washington, D.C. natives and artists who are globally-minded and socially-oriented.  Most known for its online fundraising campaign which went viral and featured in mainstream outlets across the US, ultimately sending label artists Pacman and Peso to Pyongyang, North Korea to film in, and around the city.


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Ian Jackson
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