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Aaron Michael

Aaron Michael faces Criticism from all angles…. LASTDAYs

Aaron Michael has been a Bay Area sensation within the Latin/Black/HipHop Community since 2014-2015. Touring with artist all over the Bay – such as Philthy Rich, KRS-One, MayDay, TeamBackPack, Brother Lynch, Locksmith, Keek the Sneek & many other heads. He dropped 2 mixtape/albums this year, following his debut album ANGELS, which was release in 2017-2018 on Apple Music under Label ILLA Lifestyle Records. Aaron MICHAEL explains some of the scrutiny he has been facing from releasing these last 2 projects “Kings Cup” & “Last Days” this year, 2020.

“People have been saying that my lyrics are too sexual, and that I am a bad influence on the Youth because I am supposedly apart of several underground gang communities and I promote violence and extreme drug issues. If that is so true, what are we going to do with mainstream hiphop today? Guys like “The Weeknd” who is being featured on the Super-Bowl next year and getting cashed out Millions for a 15 minute set? Or every single HipHop/Rap Musican and there extreme lyrics. Also about how they purchased and sell illegal drugs to get famous and show off all there riches? Honestly I think the true target of all this hatred is that people are seeing “colored people” with money and getting away with doing these musical videos and basically, talking shit. People have the right to be upset, sure. There just Jelious honestly. He (the RapStar) has more money and a bigger house, nicer cars… is Super famous and I (the citizen) have a mortgage to pay. & it doesn’t help that we are colored, and don’t need to act “American White” to gain success. We have the right in this country to make this style of music – “TrapMusic”. That’s what makes American free. Freedom of speech and freedom of art. If a woman has a beautiful body and I’m explaining the curves in such a way that makes you happy in a smooth melodic voice, that makes me an Artist. Basically all these issues were pressed in 1992 in the Supreme Court with – 2 Live Crew.”

This isn’t the only issue Michael has faced. People trying to regulate his lyrics based on his ethnicity, saying because he isn’t black enough he can’t say ni**ga even though Aaron Michael is over 20% black. “I’ve only shared with certain individuals my race because my family is very conservative… my step Dad was a white dude, Mom was Mexican/Spanish/Middle-Eastern Egyptian. She was very “white” and didn’t want me to ever talk about who I was… it’s a complicated situation in my family but I never thought that people would be getting rattled up in the street almost gang banging race on me. Clearly I am not a white guy but that’s how people are. Your Mexican, your white, you ____, you fill in the blank. Just be happy with who I am and stop hating me for what I’m not.” Despite all of the upset, the Music is hot! And the wave, ready & extremely saturated. With over 20 Million Streams and Counting, Aaron Michael looks to his new album “Solomon” with ft. From Cassidy, RobLo, Gabriel Cannon & More. You can stream Last Days here belo

Ian Jackson
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