Yung Aug

ABM: How did you get your start in music?

YungAug: My dawg Beno and I started Studio31 in 2020 at West Grand and Adeline, West Oakland.  I had never moved around in Oakland like that before being there and the more people I locked in with the more I started getting back into dropping my own music.  When we left Studio31 I ended up back at The Shop Studios in Richmond CA, somewhere I’ve been recording at since 2016.  

ABM: What have you been working on?

YungAug: The past 2 years I was fully dedicated to engineer work, building my skills and clientele, keeping my own music as a side piece.  

ABM: Have you learned anything in the last two years?

YungAug: The more experience I got engineering and networking with bigger artists I realized something.  Engineering is a great way to get in the door and work with lots of people in this industry.  But when you try to make that jump from engineer to artist, that entrance as an engineer backfires and people aren’t keen to take you seriously. This isn’t always true and there are people I’ve built a relationship with that changed from artists booking a professional engineer to collaborators.  (Shout out to those people yk how we fuck wit it.) 

ABM: What are you currently working on now?

YungAug: So 2024 I realized that if I don’t spend at least 2 years fully dedicated to my own art I’ll always feel like I half assed tried to chase my dream.  I spend 40+ hrs in the studio on a light week, it’s the only thing that keeps me going and feeling alive. I’m building a team of good people that want to create an independent pathway for all artists to build and have full control of their craft.  

ABM: Any last words?

YungAug: My music is my life, my real energy, I freestyle and punch all my songs on the spot.  I love what I do I hope that comes through the speakers.

Ian Jackson
Founder/Owner of All Bay Music Magazine, Owner of