Suppa Ant

ABM: What is your stage name? What inspired your stage name?

Suppa Ant: My stage name is Suppa Ant growing up my big bro gave me that name as a child.

ABM: What is your story in terms of music, when did you start making music?

Suppa Ant: I pretty much feel like this is my gift from God I’m just telling my life story through my music. I start making music when I was like 13. I actually took my music serious in 2011 when I got shot.

ABM: How did your upbringing in Oakland, CA influence your career?

Suppa Ant: Growing up in oakland california with single mom as a parent will push you to strive for more and which I did with my music career.

ABM: Do you have any music visuals in the works?

Suppa Ant: I have a visual I’m actually still filming called g-shit.

ABM: How do you feel about the protests, and the black lives matter movement?

Suppa Ant: Honestly I feel like black is a color and I’m not a color therefore I don’t want to be identified as one, but as for the movement I love it, because you have people fighting for what they believe in.

ABM: Do you have any other projects in the works?

Suppa Ant: Yes I do I have a song I’m working on called reap what you sow.

ABM: What inspired you to pursue being an artist professionally?

Suppa Ant: When I got shot I looked at life different I felt blessed to still be here and live a regular life, so it inspired me to take music more serious, because no one know how much time they have left on this earth so we’ll I’m here I’m going to make mines count.

ABM: Who are some of the musical influences that have inspired you?

Suppa Ant: My biggest influencers in music are 2pac and mac dre because pac was a real genuine dude who loved to see everyone shine he wasn’t all about himself and mac dre was the voice of my era and a bay legend that’s all we listened too growing up.

ABM: Where can people find you online?

Suppa Ant: You can’t find me on Instagram @suppa__ant and on Twitter @suppasuppa92 and on Facebook search my name, Suppa Ant.

ABM: Are there any last words or shout outs to anyone you would like to mention before we end the interview?

Suppa Ant: Shout out to the man upstairs for giving me another opportunity to chase my dreams,and shout out to my team.

Ian Jackson
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