Smitroc is a upcoming artist out the 707, and is gaining recognition for his new June Onna Beat produced single “Games”. Read up on the upcoming star, how he linked with June Onna Beat, and what he has coming soon.

ABM: What is your Rap name? Tell us the story behind your hip-hop name?

Smitroc: My Name Is Smitroc & It’s Only Gone Be 1 Smitroc. It’s A Nickname Givin’ To Me From My Dad. It’s A Lil Combination Of My Last Name & How Hard My Chest Was When I Was Little. We Would Be Play-Fighting And He Would Be Like “Who The Baddest Smitroc!?”. Then I’ll Reply “I’m The Baddest!”. Father & Son Bonding.

ABM: Has anything happened in your life that led to the decision of becoming a musician?

Smitroc: Most Definitely. When I Was Around 4 Yrs. Old, Everytime I See A Rap Video Come On Tv, I Would Jump In Front Of The Tv & Start Rapping. From That Point On, I Knew What I Was Destined To Do.

ABM: How did you get your start in the hip hop scene?

Smitroc: When I Was 15, One Of My Childhood Homies Hit Me Up & Was Like “Let’s Get In The Studio. Meet Me At Little Caesars”. He Goes By The Name Yung Trilla, Or Just Trilla. We Like Brothers. So The Studio Was At This Guy’s House, Which Was Up The Hill From Little Caesars, & He Went By The Name Demos, Or DeMos DasQav. The Connection I Built With Demos, Felt Like We Were Cousins. And That’s When History Was In The Making. The 3 Of Us Dropped A Mixtape Under Our Rap Group Name “B.O.S.” & It Was A Wrap After That.

ABM: Where are you from, and what was it like growing up there?

Smitroc: DA FLAAAAAAATZ! I Was Born In Fairfield & Raised In Vallejo. Times Were Hella Good In The 90s. I Can’t Even Complain. It Was Lit. So I Had A Fun Childhood. I Miss My Era Though, No Lie. I’ma 90s Baby Forever.

ABM: What do you typically rap about?

Smitroc: A Variety Of Topics To Be Honest. It All Comes Down To How I Feel. Whatever I Acknowledge Going On Surrounding Me, I Address It. I’m Just Versatile When I Rap. No Tellin’ What I’m Finna Say Next.

ABM: What are your last full length releases people can go check out right now?

Smitroc: They Can Download My 2013 Mixtape “One Verse, No Hook” On

ABM: How did you end up with production by June Onna Beat?

Smitroc: JuneOnnaBeat Have His Own Website and There’s A Section On His Page Where You Can Purchase Beats From Him. This One Beat He Had Posted On His Website, I Automatically Had A Vision On What I Wanted To Do With It. This Was Around Christmas Time, So This Was A Personal Christmas Gift To Myself. So I Hit Him Up Through E-Mail & I Just Opened Up Who I Was, Giving Him Props On His Success, & I Let Him Know That I Want To Buy This Beat. So He Gave Me His Number, He Blessed Me With The Instrumental, & I Went Crazy On That Thang. Song Is Now Available @ All Digital Retail Stores. It’s Called “Games”. Their Is A Possibility I Will Be On Another JuneOnnaBeat Production In The Future.

ABM: What are you currently working on?

Smitroc: Currently Is Working On This Collaborative EP With Oakland Rapper Mr. Tower. I’m Also Is Working On A Project Called “Roc Appetizers”. No Release Dates For Those Two Projects Yet. I’m Also Is Working On Non-Album Singles As Well. I Guess You Can Call Them “Leaks”, Just Makin’ Slapz That’s Not Goin On No Album Or Mixtape. At The End Of The Day, I’m Just Workin’.

ABM: Whats your last visual release people can check out, tell us about it.

Smitroc: I Have Two Music Videos: “104 Barz Killin'”, Directed By Shawn Shah Productions & Ian Mackey, and “Barz of Belief”, Directed By Mr. Tower. I Have A Third Music Video In The Works. Mr. Tower Gone Direct My 3rd Video. I Dropped The Video To My Song “Barz of Belief” Back In 2014 & “104 Barz Killin'” 9 Months Ago. They Can Check Them Out On Youtube.

ABM: What is your ultimate goal at the end of your career?

Smitroc: Relate To People With My Music, Continue To Keep My Music Relevant & Consistent, And Have A Catalog Retirement Plan For Myself From My Future Discography’s. I’m On A Mission Right Now. My Parents Ain’t Gone Work Hard For Too Long, My Girlfriend & Her Folks Ain’t Gone Work Hard For Too Long. I’m Just Focused At The Moment.

ABM: How can people reach you?

Smitroc: They Can Reach Me At All The Social Media Outlets Out There, Like Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Youtube, Etc. Just Look Me Up Under “Smitroc” & I’ll Pop Up Easy. Like Tupac, “I Ain’t Hard 2 Find”.

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